2019 Clover Touchdown Club Members

Blue Eagle Sponsors:

Ruth Builder's,  Papa Doc's, Faulkner Law Firm, JR Smith Plumbing

Encourager Member:

Robert & Renae Morrow, Mack & Margaret McCarter, Steve & Alison Churm, Rand & Ashley Gordon, Rusty & Patti Myers, Robb & Ginger Marr, Matthew & April Readett, Family of EL Dickey, Ken Love, Alysia & Jody Nichols, Glenn Family, JR Smith Plumbing LLC, Justin & Tammy Roberts, Lee & Jennifer Jordan, Ron Wallace & Associates, Steve Mellon Family, Ellen Carroll, Doug Brown, Do or Dye Salon, David Long, Peggy Long, Patrick & Holly Mull, Main Street Retreat, Eagle's Nest Restaurant, David & Melissa Quinn, Dan & Shelle Enix, Boyd Tire & Appliance, Piedmont Professional Plumbing, Victoria's Diner, Kip Womack, York Freight Inc., Clover Pop Warner, Mary Beth Shealey Team, Jody & Michelle Adams

Family Memberships
Todd & Janna Simon, Trey & Candie Blanchard, Brad & Christina Lackey, JR & Lindsay Smith, Ronnie Meek, David Hylinski & Janette Perretta, The Johnson Family, Jeanks & Vickie Smith, Robb & Flemming Wallace, Todd & Jennifer Whittle, Dean & Jeanie Helms, TJ & Kim Furr, Brian & Stephanie Haynes, John & Julie Preston, Janine Frey, Emery Woodruff Family, Plummer Family, George & Claudia Dib, Kendall & Ladaria Richardson

Individual Memberships

 Martha Jordan, Mark Geouge, Rachel Pilgram, Shari Franklin, Nancy Faulkner, Maxie Suddreth, Allison Gainey, Lesa Jenkins, Heather Brodbeck, James Vandestowe, Tonya Nations, Bridgett Mackey, Heather Romani


Getting geared up to

start the 2019 Season!

      Membership in the club shall be open to all who support the Clover Blue Eagle football program and agree to abide by the bylaws. There is no member selection process. The voting rights and privileges of the members shall be as stated in the Club bylaws. A fee depending on which membership the member wants shall accompany each application for membership and the application shall become the property of the Clover Touchdown Club. Membership in the Touchdown Club shall extend from January 1 to December 31 of each year. An application must be filled out by members each year to keep their contact information updated with club. The membership may change the cost of membership fees at the end of the fiscal year to reflect the next year’s membership dues.We hold our Club Meetings the first Monday of every month, except during the season, then we meet every Monday. All meetings are held in the weight room, unless  otherwise notified. We email all members a reminder one day before each meeting and post dates, times and location of our meetings on our our website and Facebook page.

 Membership Fees


Individual Membership - $25.00       

A Individual Club membership, gets website recognition, membership sticker and voting rights at all meetings. Must be above 25 years old

Family Membership - $45.00            

A Family club membership is for up to 4 family members in same household. Family membership gets, website recognition, 2 membership stickers and those 19 years old and above have voting rights at all meetings.

Encourager Blue Eagle Membership - $100.00    

The Encourager membership is for Businesses or Individuals who want to help sponsor the team or Individual player. The fee for the Encourager Membership helps fund our furthering education program. The membership includes a  Membership Sticker,  Website recognition, and  you will also have recognition on a banner at Memorial Stadium. All Encourager's have one vote at all meetings. 

2019 Clover Touchdown Club Membership Forms

Online link for submission of form and payment by debt or credit card.

                                                     (Click on Blue Diamond!)

Printable form link below 

Print out and mail payment in to 
Clover Touchdown Club Inc.
Attn: Membership
PO Box 1001
Clover, S.C. 29710